Software Engineering

Discovery in Negligence Analysis: Evolution of a Sufficiently Safe Spec

Foaad Khosmood and Clark Turner
Proceedings of the Seventh IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SEA)
Marina del Rey, CA
November, 2003
Negligence liability is a rapidly increasing area of concern for software engineers and designers. The implications of negligence are sufficiently severe that most companies can no longer ignore the legal consequences of engineering design decisions [1][2]. As engineers and industry participants, it is our duty to balance the interests of public safety against our own profits. This paper continues previous work [3] toward a comprehensive software process augmented to include preliminary legal tasks and milestones.

Rethinking Software Process: The Key to Negligence Liability

Clark Turner and Foaad Khosmood
International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications, Anaheim, CA
August, 2001
The risk of negligence liability can be considerably reduced by application of basic legal concepts early in the development lifecycle. The costs of preparing and defending a suit can be considerably reduced as well. This paper develops a simple model for integration of these considerations into the development process. The model stresses the following: 1. early consideration of process constraints derived from negligence law; 2. explicit consideration of such constraints during the development process; and, 3.
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