SLO Hacks: Embracing the Passionate Novice

We present this event report and discussion on the SLO Hacks “local hack day”, a 12 hour free-format hackathon held on December 2, 2017 at the Campus of California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). A first of its kind for our community, the event presents unique challenges and opportunities. SLO Hacks, an entirely student run volunteer organization, has mobilized to overcome institutional, logistical and educational challenges in order to enable hackathon events at Cal Poly.

MimicA: A Framework for Self-Learning Companion AI Behavior

We explore fully autonomous companion characters within the context of Real Time Strategy games. Non-player Characters that are controlled by Artificial Intelligence to some degree, have been a feature of Role Playing games for decades. RTS games rarely have a player avatar, and thus no real companions. The universe of RTS games where both an avatar and a companion character exist is small. Most friendly RTS units are semi autonomous at best, requiring player micromanagement of their behavior.

Inducing Emotional Response in Interactive Media

Video games, entertainment, education, and training media have been developed for many years, and eliciting emotional experiences is an integral part of that process. Production and editing of the media in order to produce the desired emotional experiences can be expensive and cumbersome to media de- signers. This paper presents a pilot study intended to show that such experiences can be induced with after-the-fact audio-visual effects. As subjects of the us- er study, players are given the same virtual environment with two emotional states: fear, and peace.