MimicA: A Framework for Self-Learning Companion AI Behavior

We explore fully autonomous companion characters within the context of Real Time Strategy games. Non-player Characters that are controlled by Artificial Intelligence to some degree, have been a feature of Role Playing games for decades. RTS games rarely have a player avatar, and thus no real companions. The universe of RTS games where both an avatar and a companion character exist is small. Most friendly RTS units are semi autonomous at best, requiring player micromanagement of their behavior.


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Welcome to the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJCAI-16! 

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Automated Generation of Conversational Non Player Characters

We present NPCAgency, a system of generating conversational non-player characters (NPC) based on predefined universe models, as well as author specification. Generated characters can be quite complex and a wide variety of them can be instantly created. We believe such a system can help solve two problems. First, the authorial burden of the game designer is lessened, allowing renderings of large numbers of NPCs, each with their own unique background and conversation topics, all conforming to the norms of a predefined “universe”.

Int'l. Conf. on Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS-26)

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FLAIRS-26 takes the conference to St. Pete Beach: a barrier island on Florida's west coast. Famous for its Guinness World Record of 768 consecutive sunny days, St. Pete Beach and nearby St Petersburg feature endless soft, white, sandy beaches, and the warm lapping waters of the Gulf of Mexico.